Pliers Wrench


  • Comfort Grip Two-Color Dual Component Handles
  • Parallel Jaws allows Infinitely Variable Gripping of all widths making it Excellent for Gripping, Holding, Pressing and Bending
  • Lever Transmission Greater than 10 – 1 for Strong Gripping Power
  • Works Using the Ratchet Principle with no Unintentional Shift of the Gripping Jaws and no Slipping of the Joint
  • Gripping Surfaces with Special Hardened Teeth, Teeth Hardness Approximately 61 HRC Provides Low Wear and a Secure Grip
  • Note: The capacity, meaning the maximum size of a product to fit in the tools jaws, is 1-3/8-inch

The proprietary, easy-to-use  pliers wrench is a great device for fastening, gripping, carrying, and bending, a one-of-a-kind instrument of infinite possibilities.


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